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CLARET NIVAS situated in the historical hill-capital of Kandy serves as the theology cum philosophy scholaticate of the Claretians Missionaries in Sri Lanka. Remarkably, it is ready to spot its Silver Jubilee in 2019 as a hallowed institute which has been serving to bring out many zealous missionaries to the Congregation and at large to the Catholic Church locally and universally. The completion of twenty-five years is indeed a major milestone in the life of an institution. Since its foundation in 1994, Claret Nivas has earned a very considerable appreciation for providing religious formation and for imparting the ideals of missionary spirit, sense of religiosity and high moral and ethical values, leading to the formation of integrated missionary personnel.

There is absolutely no doubt that the guiding hand of Lord has always been in the undaunting task of formation of Religious – in accordance with the mind of the Church and our Congregation.  After 25 years, it takes justifiable pride of having sent through the portals of Claret Nivas 32 priests, more than 30 students at present and many more noble personalities.  

A Brief History

Claretian presence in Sri Lanka was sown in the year 1991 with the establishment of the first community at Welisara, Ragama. In 1993 a new batch of students was recruited and therefore a need for a solid formation house was felt. In the year 1994, the present Claret Nivas, located at Pichchamalwatta Road, Gurudeniya, Kandy was purchased and a formation community was established.  With the passing of time, the house underwent modifications and expansions to suit to the demands of a religious formation community.  Accordingly, in 1996 the first expansion was completed and in 2007, the second expansion was also completed. The present shape of the house, therefore is a gradual development to meet the needs of the time. 

The first community of this house was spearheaded by Fr. Cyriac Njayarkulam, as Superior together with Frs. Callistus Joseph and Alfred Kirupananthan who were his collaborators.  Since then, many superiors, formators, enconomes and several other collaborators have served at this institute.  Some Claretian Missionaries from other organisms are also included into this blend. Their presence and service was well focused to bring out new missionaries from this house to the fore. 

Its Mission and Vision

Claret Nivas-Kandy, having stood the test of time, is a living monument of tribute to many issionaries who have assisted, benefactors, neighbors and other agents. After all, it is students, who were the center, the focus and target of hope of this institute. All the efforts and sacrifices of the many under the umbrella of Claret Nivas Community have been to foster the growth of a full-fledged group of missionaries to the world. In his apostolic exhortation Pastores Dabo Vobis, St. John Paul II called the major seminary “a continuation in the Church of the Apostolic community gathered about in Jesus” (PVD 60).  As Claret Nivas – Kandy completes 25 years of its existence, may it continue to emulate the Apostolic Community where Jesus was the formator. 

To celebrate this great occasion and to motivate persons to join our way of life, the Sri Lankan Delegation has planned to organize some programs in the upcoming days and months.  May this institute continue to harvest for the Congregation many more ardent and Spirit-filled missionaries.

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