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Claretian Family Day

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Claretian Family Day is an event celebrated annually in the Sri Lankan Delegation. For the year 2017, it was held on the 18th and the 19th of July at St. Claret seminary, Kattuwa. For its celebration, RMI (Religious of Mary Immaculate) sisters who are a branch of the Claretian family too joined. The gathered group was a blend of priests, nuns, professed students, novices, postulants and aspirants.
Sr. Geraldin Sashirekah RMI conducted the input session with a meaningful presentation on: “Cherishing the Claretian vocation to go towards the peripheries”, which was followed by a sharing of views on the same theme. Among other programmes, the presentations on the concept of ‘Claretian family’, the need of eco-consciousness today and the quiz programme organized by the novices can be highlighted. The participants also had a great privilege to listen to a group of lawyers who explained some crucial areas of concern in the law of the country which all religious should be aware of. Amidst all these programmes, there were also occasions in which the participants had the time to talk to each other, share the life with each other, compete with each other and show the talents of individuals to each other. The cultural night which included many entertaining items refreshed everyone present there. All in all the whole event became a moment of unity and encouragement for the ministry that everyone is to engage with.

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