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Frs. Nirmalan and Ravi Attend Claretian Publishers’ Triennial Meeting

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The Claretian publishers met together for their triennial meeting at the Claretian Provincial House, Bangalore from the 10th to the 17th February, 2018. Fifteen participants from thirteen publishing houses in the Congregation (Bangalore, Macau, Philippines, Brazil, Cameroon, West Nigeria, Hong Kong, Kolkata, North East India, United States of America, Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Chennai) gathered in a very fraternal atmosphere, inspiring and encouraging one another. Frs. Solomon Nirmalan, CMF and Xavier Ravikhanth, CMF represented the Sri Lankan publication. The meeting was based on four objectives proposed by Fr. Henry Omonisaye, CMF, the General Coordinator for publishing ministry.
A lot of evaluations and sharing happened among the members as they focused on how to step into the 8th Continent of the world. Many meaningful input sessions helped the participants to make plans and set objectives for the future of the Claret publishing group. Several common projects were discussed, and areas of collaboration among publishing houses were identified. The participants were also helped to understand the strengths and weakness each publishing ministry is experiencing.
Towards the end, four resolutions were taken to improve in the ministry. They are:
– To reinforce publication ministry as a mean of evangelization with a better response to the needs of our time.
– To reinforce collaboration among publishes under the umbrella of Claret Publishing Group.
– To establish sustainable publishing ministry through better management.
– To reflect together creatively in order to inspire, and to apply up-to-date media of communication, incorporating technical advancements and the social media revolution in the ministry
Subsequently, under these objectives, the publishing groups came up with some resolutions and a working paper which was approved by the General Government. The publishers are hopeful about working collaboratively for the success of the ministry in the congregation.

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