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Election Of The Consultors

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On the 1st of September 2021, the General Chapter elected the consultors who form part of the General Government led by Fr. Mathew Vattamattam CMF who was re-elected Superior General the previous day. St. Joseph Vaz Independent Delegation congratulates the members of the new Council that is to animate the Congregation during the sexennium of 2021-2026. All the newly-elected consultors are also Prefects as mentioned below.

The Prefecture of Biblical Ministry and Communication is a new Prefecture while Community Life has been added to the already existing Prefecture of Spirituality established during the General Chapter of 2003. Out of the six, four were members of the previous General Council. Our special thanks and appreciations to the outgoing General Prefect of Apostolate Fr. Artur Teixeira and the General Prefect of Spirituality Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez.

Consultor and Prefect of Apostolate: Fr. Pedro Belderrain CMF
Born in: La Felguera, Asturias, España 06/08/1964
First profession: 08/09/1983
Priestly ordination: 21/04/1990
Major Organism: Santiago

Consultor and Prefect of Spirituality and Community life: Fr. Carlos Enrique Sánchez Miranda CMF
Born in: Chepén, La Libertad, Perú 07/05/1972
First profession: 19/01/1992
Priestly ordination: 29/11/1997
Major Organism: Perú-Bolivia

Consultor and Prefect of Formation: Fr. Joseph Mbungu-Mutu CMF
Born in: Kai-Mbungu 30/06/1963
First profession: 02/10/1988
Priestly ordination: 21/07/1996
Major Organism: Congo

Consultor and Prefect of Youth ministry and Vocations: Br. Carlos Horacio Antonio Verga CMF
Born in: Malabrigo, Santa Fe, Argentina 06/04/1967
First profession: 17/01/1993
Major Organism: San José del Sur

Consultor and Prefect of Biblical Ministry and Communication: Fr. Henry Omonisaye CMF
Born in: Kabba 06/11/1973
First profession: 08/10/1991
Priestly ordination: 10/07/1999
Major Organism: Nigeria

Consultor and Prefect of Economy: Fr. Manuel Alfredo Tamargo Rodríguez CMF
Born in: Gijón 14/01/1960
First profession: 25/11/1984
Priestly ordination: 17/11/1990
Major Organism: Santiago

Source: http://www.claret.org/en/xxvi-gc-general-government-consultors/

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