Youth Program at Claret Nivas, Kandy

The annual youth program for the youngsters of the Apostolate places, where the Claret Nivas Scholastics go for mission experience, was held on the 22nd of May, 2022 at Claret Nivas, Kandy. There were around 90 participants from various Apostolate places in and around Kandy. The program was animated by Fr. Jenis Coonghe CMF, one of the Youth Ministry Animators of St. Joseph Vaz Independent Delegation, Srilanka.

There were input sessions and some games were conducted by the Brothers. The program was more of deepening the bond between them and to know more each other. They were room for dialogue and sharing. The youngsters were deeply involved in all the activities and participated with much eagerness and enthusiasm. Amidst the prevailing chaotic political instability, this made them feel relaxed and refreshed.

There were also Missionary Sisters of St. Antony Mary Claret (MC Sisters) introduced their congregation to the youth and conducted a vocation promotion program.  At last the event was concluded with the meaningful Eucharistic Celebration.