The General Canonical Visitation

The canonical visitation is an “extraordinary act of government serving to strengthen the bond of unity in the Congregation and to direct its life and mission toward its goal” (CC 128). As the General Council of the Claretian missionaries focuses on Asia in the year 2018, the Sri Lankan Delegation had the chance to receive Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez Sanz, CMF, the Vicar-General of Claretian missionaries for an animation visit. The visitation commenced on the 14th of May and concluded on the 30th of the same month. During his valuable stay, the General Visitor met all the members of the Delegation, each ministry premises, other associates who are involved in Claretian missions in Sri Lanka and the Local Ordinaries of each diocese where the Claretians are present.
The visitor also gave the members of the Delegation some special insights, making them ready to proceed well with the preparation to become an Independent Delegation. His far-sighted thoughts and suggestions would be ever useful to the Delegation in its journey in the mission of God. The Delegation is also ever grateful for his presence and fraternity.