“Let us remember the past with gratitude, live the present with enthusiasm, and look forward to the future with confidence.” – Pope John Paul II


The Claretians of St. Joseph Vaz Independent Delegation celebrated their Annual Assembly of the Delegation that held from the 17th to 21st of July 2023, at St. Claret Seminary, Kattuwa, Negombo. Fr. J. M. Joseph Jeyaseelan, the Major Superior of St Joseph Vaz Independent Delegation presided over the Assembly.

On the First day of the Assembly the members of the Delegation reflected on the document of “Our Missionary journey on the Synodal path” the latest Circular letter of Fr. Superior General. The Assembly after making a fruitful study, synthesized and planned on the possible actions that would enrich the life and the ministry of Delegation in Sri Lanka.

The objectives of the Assembly were to have a better evaluation and planning based on the life and Ministries of the Delegation. In line with that the Assembly also glanced through the various reports from the Houses and Ministries that brought forth the Blessings (Seeds), Challenges (Weeds) and Plans for the future (Deeds) from different point of view.

In the plenary session the Assembly, while focusing on the steps towards the Self sustainability of the Delegation, together reflected and discerned on the possible enhancement of the ministries of the need of the time. These days were the days of blessings and encouragement for all the Claretians in Sri Lanka. In fact, it was a time of celebrating the Communion and the Common Vocation that we have received as Claretians of one family.