Temporal shifting of the publication

Ragama is the first canonically erected House of the Claretians in Sri Lanka. It was bought in 1992, and the first Claretian community in Sri Lanka lived there. It served as the first formation community also. It is in use by the Claretians for last 25 years. Later this building housed the Claretian Publications. Recently the building walls started to crack and damages started to appear in many places. Subsequently, the need of a new building in Ragama was felt and demolition of the building was started. As a result, all the community members moved to St. Claret seminary, Kattuwa while, the Publication moved to St. Sebastian’s church premise at Technical junction, in Colombo.
The construction of the new building was started with the laying of the foundation stone, on 23 November, 2016. It was blessed and by Fr. Erwin. This new building will house the Claretian Publication and will serve as the Delegation House with necessary rooms and offices.