Resolutions for 1866: No. 8: Within myself I will walk constantly in God’s presence. I will keep recollected so not to become spiritually scattered. I will keep my imagination busy in the Lord, remembering St. Paul’s words, “Are you not aware that you are the temple of God?”(1 Cor. 3:16) and “You are the temple of the living God”(2 Cor.6:16).

I will think of my heart as the room in which Jesus is seated, of my soul as sitting at his feet like Mary, and my body as busy about the house like Martha, performing the duties of my ministry, to serve them up as a delicious repast for Jesus.

I will think of my soul and body as the two points of a compass: my soul, as one point, is fixed in Jesus, my center; and my body, like the other point, is describing a perfect circle of duties and obligations around Him, for the circle is a symbol of perfection on earth and of eternity in heaven.

No.11: St. Paul taught it when he said, ” May Christ dwell in your hearts through faith”(Eph.3:17), “until Christ is formed in you”(Gal.4:19). A comparison to a photograph: the image of Jesus will be printed in my heart, to remain there always.

A comparison to a burning glass: my heart within is like a concave lens, receiving the rays of Jesus, the sun, and focusing them on the soul to make it burn like the seraphim.

Resolutions for 1867: No.8: I will strive to have inner peace. Hence, I will not lose my temper, or speak out, or pull a long face, or show any pain or displeasure for whatever is said against me or for whatever blame people may lay on me.

No.9: I will think of everything that happens as coming from the hand of God, who tells me, “My son, I want you to do or suffer this just now.”

No.10: I will suffer everything with patience, delight, and joy because it is the will of God, who sees how I suffer, and bear up under work, scorn, sorrow, slander, and persecutions.

Lights and Graces, 1868
Today, June 22, at 9:30 at night, I went to visit the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel of the Abandoned. The grating was closed and I saw a great resplendent light near the light from the sanctuary lamp. After a long time it fused with the light of the lamp and disappeared. Now I think I know what it meant. Afterward, my dreams and desires turned all night on the thought of martyrdom. Beside the light there were also three black shapes in the form of men. These were the three demons or enemies that meant to kill me. I have a great desire to suffer martyrdom.