Aut. 535: I preached a mission, exhorting all to penance, telling them that God had treated some of them as a mother treats a sleepy-headed child of a morning. She shakes his cot to awaken him and make him get up. If this fails, she has to nudge him bodily. This, I told them, was what God was doing with his children who were oversleeping in their sins. He had shaken their cots, beds, and houses. If they still weren’t awake, He would strike their bodies with a plague of cholera, for God our Lord had given me to understand that this is what He would do . Some of my listeners resented this and grumbled about me, but in scarcely a month’s time a frightful epidemic of cholera broke out. There were streets in which everyone died within two days.

Aut. 577: … I can’t describe the pleasure, delight, and joy I felt in my soul on realizing that I had reached the long desired goal of shedding my blood for the love of Jesus and Mary and of sealing the truths of the Gospel with the very blood of my veins. My spirits soared at the thought that this was but a promise of what I might achieve in time – to shed my blood completely, in the ultimate sacrifice of death. These wounds reminded me of the circumcision of Jesus; in time they might lead me to the incomparable good fortune of dying on the cross of some gallows, of some assassin’s dagger, or the like.