Holy Childhood batch giving ceremony

In the history of the parish, for the first time this batch giving ceremony to the Holy Childhood children took place on the 02nd of September 2012 at St. Paul the Hermit Church, Madulsima. Thirty six children received the batches and the certificates as the members in the National Holy Childhood team. They had two days of seminar and the input talks conducted by Rev. Sr. Geraldin RMI, the National coordinator for the Tamil section, with the help of her staff at the Laity Centre, Madulsima. Rev. Fr. Christy John CMF, the Parish Priest of St. Paul the Hermit Church, was the main celebrant as well as gave the batches to the Children

Holy Childhood batch giving ceremony

First Holy Communion

The first Holy Communion to sixteen children from all the sub-stations was given on the 17th of June 2012 at St.Paul the Hermit Church after two months of full preparation under different themes conducted by the Catechists. On the last three days from 15th to 17th,  two days of seminar and camp followed by confession and internal preparation conducted by the fathers and catechists. Rev. Fr. MilferVaz, the Formator and the Econome of the Claret Nivas, Kandy, was the main celebrant.

First Holy Communion First Holy Communion2

Free Medical Camp

The second free medical camp as a part of Health Programme of the parish, was held on the 30th of June 2012 at Cocogalla with the help of Rev. Sr. Lourds and her team from the Central Hospital, Badulla and Dr. Suresh from Colombo. 197 patients have benefited from this charitable act and it was very much appreciated by all the Estate workers regardless of religion and language. The 3rd free medical camp is going to held on the 27th of October 2012 with the help of the above mentioned doctors and the staff and especially this we are going to get two doctors from  Batticaloa Diocese with the help of Rev. Fr. Rajeevan.

Free Medical Camp Free Medical Camp2

Minor Seminarians:

March 12th to 19th Students from St. Claret Minor seminary Kattuwa, Negombo together their formator Rev. Fr. P. RoyestanJeyarajcmf Were here for a formative experience in a parish level. They were divided into a group and visited all the substations. They organized several programs, Lenten prayer service with “ANBIAM” and visited our preschools and others social activities to get the taste of our mission. At the end of the program they have organized a Talent and Cultural show together with the catechism Children.

Philosophy Students:

August 06th to 19th – 9 of the philosophy student had their formative pastoral experience at the Parish together with their Formators Frs. Vincent CMF and VarthanCluas CMF.  They organized several programs, Prayer service with “ANBIAM” and visited our preschools and others social activities to get the taste of our mission. Also they organized the novena and the feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Parish Shrine Roberry. Also after the Vespers service we commemorative the ‘Day of Barsbasto’, which the day fall on August 10th. Catechism children colored the stage with the variety of Program, like Speech about the martyrdom of Barbasto, Drama and ‘Vilu-pattu’ on the last event of martyrdom.

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Roberry

The Parishners of Madulsima made their annual pilgrimage to the parish shrine Roberry on august 18th 2012. Over Seventy-five  people took part in the pilgrimage walk from all the substations with their personal vow and intentions. Started at 8.00 clocks in the morning and reached destiny by 6.15 pm in the evening. All the people participated prayerfully with reciting rosary and singing Marians hymns. All the pilgrims stayed there for Vespers and the Feast. The vespers service and the festive mass  was officiated and celebrated by Rev. Frs. Vincent CMF and VarathanCulas CMF.

Scholarship preparation and Seminar for the Year 5 School Children

A seminars and preparatory classes were organized for the year 5 children in a view of helping them to face year 5 educational department scholarship exam. The effort was successful in terms of over 120 children from 08 schools took part in 28 seminars. 06 teachers from different school really committed for this task. This program was conducted in two schools namely Ba/ Galloola TV and Ba/ Uvakalla. This program was started on 4th of February 2012 and ended on 22nd Wednesday with a day of prayer and meditation. On the occasion children were given a pencil and an eraser. Fr. Christy John cmf conducted the meditation and the prayers service. This program was conducted under the Supplementary Education Program. During this whole program children had an opportunity to do five model papers. Three seminars were organized with the IAS Mr. Atputha Raja teacher and Mr. Sivakumar, a Teacher who is attending paper correction and marking scheme.

Children empowerment and Value Education program for the catechism Children by Good Shepherd Sisters

A three days program was organized for the catechism children. The whole program was designed and conducted by team of Good Shepherd sisters. There were 05 sisters from different communities were conducted this program. All the catechism children from above year 05 participated in this program from all the substations. They conducted the program with variety of group games, Bible quiz, in-put on value education and catechism. Third day the whole program ended with fire camp and entertainment program. The program was well appreciated by the parents and catechism teachers.

Seminar for the Parents of Pre-school Children

A seminar was organized for the parents of the preschool teachers by the preschool teachers. This was a second seminar for the parents for this year. The seminar theme was, on education and health, ‘How to rear the children in the context of estate sector. There were 5 resources person from education sector, Health Officer and a Police Sub-inspector. From the education sector compromise a principle from Ba/ Mahadowa TV – Upper and his teachers, who emphasizes on important of education and the responsibility of the parents to give education to their children. Health officer emphasize on how to keep the surrounding clean to help the children to be clean and police officer emphasize on the children right to learn and choose well. Out of 171 children children’s parents were participated in the seminar actively.