Family Ministry Progresses Well

Fr. Steevan Singarayer, CMF, the coordinator of Claretian family ministry in the Delegation continues to search for and engage in different ways to serve families which are in need. This ministry has been one of his desired areas of service, and he has the competency as he has equipped himself with the needed knowledge. At present, he is also linked to “Ahavoli” center, which is a family service center of the Diocese of Jaffna. As a part of the center, he organizes the spiritual and psychological components couples need for marriage and family life. Every month about fifty couples attend the sessions, and benefit a lot from it. Some of the areas the ministry deals with are: authentic love, family spirituality, man-woman psychological differences, marriage expectation inventory, stages of love in the couples’ life, conflict management, five love languages, family meeting, etc. This service has been highly appreciated in many areas of concern. As a part of the family ministry, Fr. Steevan has also conducted more than a hundred seminars island-wide. In addition to this, he writes regularly to the diocesan magazine ‘Pathukavalan’.