Entrance to the Novitiate

Novitiate is considered as the womb of the Congregation where every Claretian missionary is conceived. This is exactly what was experienced on the 7th September when 6 postulants namely Abilas, Leenas, Nivaskaran, Pio, ThipuciousandVinothanhaving completed their postulancyeither in India or Sri Lanka, were admittedto the novitiate by the Delegation Superior Rev. Fr. Joy Mariarathnam, cmf.

The rite of admission took place at Claret Nivas, Kandy. A good number of Claretians were present on the occasion. Rev. Fr. VenesulasLawrence,cmfis the Novice Master.

Since the building construction at CASA St. Claret, Kurunegala is not completed the Novitiate was temporarily started at Claret Nivas. On December 12th the Novices with the Novice Master shifted to Kurunegala.