Entrance to the Novitiate in St. Joseph Vaz Independent Delegation, Sri Lanka

On the 7th of September 2022, The six postulants namely

1). Antony Anojan from St. Joseph Vaz Independent Delegation

2). Fleming Swiger from St. Joseph Vaz Independent Delegation

3). Varun Pragash from St. Joseph Vaz Independent Delegation

4). Do Il Park from Korea Independent Delegation

5). Suinyuy Boris from Cameroun Independent Delegation

6). Onana Theophile from Cameroun Independent Delegation

have gladly come forward to express their willingness to begin their novitiate formation in the Congregation at Casa St. Claret Novitiate, Kurunegala. Certainly this is a matter of joy to the Delegations and a piece of glad tiding to the Congregation.

Delegated by the Major Superior Fr. A. Everest Dias CMF Delegation Consultor presided the initiation rite. According to the rites the postulants expressed their desire and asked the presider for admission to the novitiate and he accepted them into the Novitiate.

In his exhortation he advised the novices to review their life daily, to listen to Jesus, to be grateful to Jesus and to practice community living. It was simple but a very meaningful celebration within the community. Fr. S. Maria Arul CMF serves as the Novice Master.

It is an important moment for the Delegation since this is the first batch of novices with international participation after becoming a Major Organism in 2019 though there are some international novices before 2019.