Claretian Family Day

The Claretian family consists of the different institutes that share in the same spirit and charism of St. Anthony Mary Claret. There are three branches of the Claretian family in Sri Lanka: the Claretian Missionaries, the RMI Sisters, and the MC Sisters. The Family Day is an occasion for us to experience our Claretian vocation in the family of Father Claret. Claretians in Sri Lanka, gather together every year as a family to share our life, to be aware of each branch and member of the Claretian family, and to relate with everyone to strengthen the relationship as brothers and sisters. This year the Claretian Family Day was held from 16 to 19 July 2018 at St. Claret Minor Seminary in Kattuwa, Negombo.
In spite of their busy schedule, many Claretian priests, Sisters and students in formation attended the Family Day and lived together for three days as one family. In this year, another branch, the Missionary sisters of Anthony Mary Claret (MC) joined the Sri Lankan Claretian family. The MC Sisters (three members) had only recently come to Sri Lanka: two from Indonesia and one from the Philippines. There was a good mixture of Claretians from ten countries. The atmosphere and the programmes paved the way for the participants to mingle with everyone well and to share their life as a missionary.