Celebration of the Religious Commitment

Uploaded by the Delegation Secretary | Kandy, Sri Lanka | September 9, 2021

On September 8th, on the feast day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, eight students from St. Joseph Vaz Independent Delegation and one student from St. Charles Lwanga Independent Delegation professed their Perpetual Vows. The celebration took place at Claret Nivas, Kandy. During the same celebration fifteen students renewed their temporary vows for another year. Of these, eleven are from Sri Lanka, two are from St. Charles Lwanga Independent Delegation and another two are from Indonesia-East Timor Independent Delegation. The solemn eucharistic celebration was presided by Fr. A. Milfer Vaz CMF, Vicar and Prefect of Apostolate. He accepted the religious commitment of the students as the delegate of the Major Superior since the latter is attending the General Chapter.

Those who made the perpetual commitment and are thus incorporated definitively into the Claretian Congregation are Studs. Anthony Desmond Croos CMF, Charles Mathews Desmenraj CMF, Gunaseelan Selexon CMF, Kipson Antony Danoshan CMF, Kirubanantharajah Annroy Aravinth CMF, Sahayanathan Rajasekar Dias CMF, Thevapalan Patrick Johnson CMF Yogapalan Sutharsan CMF and Stud. Kawuki Derrick Samuel (St. Charles Lwanga Independent Delegation).

It is on September 08th most members of St. Joseph Vaz Independent Delegation celebrate the anniversary of their first and final religious commitment.

The 8th of September which is usually a day when the Claretians come together to celebrate communion and brotherhood is marked this year on a lowkey because of the restrictions related to the pandemic.